liz and criss, a pressing television-related dilemma

Dear Tumblr friends - 

I have a pressing question to ask of you: when did Liz and Criss decide to get married? Has this event occurred? Did I have 30 Rock amnesia and somehow completely obliterate such an event from my mind grapes? Did Criss propose? Did Liz propose? Did they have a conversation while eating cheese stew?  

(and yes, I know that stuff is dropping tomorrow, but why the wedding announcement via the interwebs? the sense has not been made! i’ve read that the wedding is tomorrow, too….yeesh pies and a couple of snots I wish nbc would make the teeny tiny amount of pregnant cornbreaders a little happier)

But for reals, if you can answer my riddle-me-this conundrum, please do!! I am at an impass of the broadcasting slash fandom kind. (ask box it up porfavor!!)

  1. judygrimes said: it’s happening in this thursday’s episode. nbc has been promoting it heavily so the news is all over the interwebs.
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